Toe Nail Reconstruction

If you have crumbly, damaged, part toe nail missing or discoloured nails this may be the treatment for you!
Nail Reconstruction is suitable for both men and women as the finished result can be a natural look or a cosmetic look.

You can paint your toe nails after nail reconstruction and treat the temporary nail like a normal nail and is ideal for those special occasions such as weddings or holidays when you want to wear open toed shoes.

LCN Wilde Pedique silver plus is a totally unique gel specifically for the repair, reconstruction and restoration of partially missing and damaged toe nails to create a natural and healthy looking nail.

LCN Wilde Pedique contains anti mycotic agent Olamine Piroctone which is a slow release anti-fungal agent and Micro Silver which has well known healing properties, protects against and treats fungal infections. It is an extremely flexible and elastic self levelling gel (one component Acrylester resin) which bonds to a surface, adds strength and cures(hardens)using a UVA light unit giving a glossy finish. Once cured the semi permanent nail due to its flexability adapts to the movements of the nails and the feet and gives the effect of a natural nail and will simply grow out.
You can file them, bathe, shower and swim in them.

The nail is built up in layers concealing ridges,deformations and hides discolouration and is available in a range of natural shades to match and compliment your skin tone.

Suitable for covering?
  • Thick or Fungal nails
  • Due to trauma or surgery(leaving damaged or missing nail)
  • Psoriatic nails
  • Ridged /split nails
  • Discoloured nails

    Fungal nails (crumbly or thickened) This procedure can make your nails look much better and I can suggest a treatment programme alongside nail reconstruction which can be in the form of drops or treatment from your doctor .The anti fungal properties in the nail resin should also assist with the treatment programme

    How long the nail will they last depends upon the following:
  • How much natural nail you initially have
  • The shape of your nail bed, if its deeper may last longer
  • Whether your skin is moist or dry
  • Your lifestyle and the way in which you walk

    The reconstructed nail can last around 2 months and sometimes up to six months, however they usually come off whole so if your left with a perfectly shaped nail for your nail bed you can use a hypoallergenic nail glue to temporarily fix at home.

    A Free 15 mins Initial foot health consultation is required to discuss the suitability of treatment , costs and expected results for each individual patient and is included as part of a typical Chiropody treatment which costs 32.00 which can last up to 60 mins.

    The reconstruction of one big toe nail 30.00
    Each small toe nail reconstruction: 5.00
    One big toe nail overlay: 10.00(This is for covering a discoloured nail or for an infill).
    One small toe overlay 5.00
    Discounted pricing for more than one nail.
    Note: The above prices are meant to be used as a guide as every patient will have unique and individual needs which will be discussed in full at the initial consultation.
    Nail Reconstruction. Before and after reconstruction

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